Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nat's note to her big sister

Letter to Allison from Sister Orgill:
Hey Al and John!! I loved your cute letter, I'm keeping it forever! I love your Dear Elders!! ( They get printed off and given to me that day! I love hearing about your lives, it's good to know the world is still turning outside of the MTC!! Saturday (P-Day) is the greatest day ever! I can write letters and go to the temple! The temple is a great getaway from the MTC, but they're both wonderful places where the Spirit resides. I'm really enjoying the MTC, and I can't wait to get to Japan! I love you and the Shums so much! Tell Abbi (John's little sister) I say hey :).
Anyway, the language is coming along with diligence and the spirit, and I'm learning every day that humility has many more facets than I thought! The Spirit is certainly the most excellent teacher around! I sat with Kat (our cousin going to Croatia) today at the Sunday night devotional, which was nice for both of us, as it is Father's Day and we're both away from our families. Love seeing her though! I hope everything is going great! I hope to hear from you and I love you!!
With love,

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